You don′t want to be in traffic jam while you are on vacation do you? Or waste your time searching for a place to park your car or wait for a bus, do you? No, you don′t. We know that everyone′s vacations are short. We know that you want to be free to spend your time as you wish, to be in the right break at the right time, and, above all, to enjoy your vacation and to get some good waves.

That′s why we will help you. We rent bikes and scoter, so that you can move on ecological, inexpensive and pleasant way along a bike lane serving every beach in Ericeira, and easy to drive scooters that will take you faster anywhere. Both bikes and scooters are equipped with surfboard racks to carry a surfer best friend: the surfboard.

In case surfing isn′t your business but you like this way of moving around, come and visit us! We can also provide some fun moments for the kids with attachable and safe child seats for the bikes.