01Because it′s summer time, it′s sunny and hot.

02Because Ericeira is one of the two world′s surfing reserves, the only in Europe and... we guess it′s needless to say more about the waves.

03Because we have bike lanes.

04Because it′s practical, fast, economic, ecological, versatile and pleasant.

05Because you will find exclusive parking for bikes and scooters at the beaches.

06Because the few slopes that you will find along the bike lanes have a gentle inclination of less than 3% (easy).

07Because you will be able to explore the beautiful corners of Ericeira and surrounding historical places such as Sintra or Mafra.

08Because Go Out provides a specialized service, located in Central Ericeira and has a fleet of new and reliable vehicles equipped with racks to carry your surfboard.

09Because we can deliver and collect the bikes and scooters wherever you are in Ericeira.

10Because it gives you more time to enjoy Ericeira and to surf, that is what really matters!